Whether using an agent or selling on your own, please feel free to use these tools to help in the successful sale of your property. (One can argue the merits an agent and their guidance bring to the sale of your property. Some are better than others. But using a Broker/Agent is the only path to getting your property listed on the local MLS service. MLS is the only way to ensure maximum exposure which increases your chance of finding the best buyer.)


1) For starters, check out the Local Property Sales tab to see what has sold recently. You will need this info in order to help determine the price for your home. If you'd like property information beyond the scope of what's listed there, here is a link for access to the Public Tax Database:

Tax Database


2) You will need to prepare your property for sale. Try these links for some basic advice:

Five Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Seven Tips For Staging Your Home For Sale

Here are some Handymen and Contractors that can help with any repairs or remodels. As is always the case, I cannot guarantee the quality of their work or their responsiveness to phone calls but I would like to hear of your experience so please fell free to let me know if it was positive or negative!


Roy Aikman (Handyman): (732) 814-3181

Jennis Richard (Handyman): (732) 299-4474

Consider It Done (Junk Removal): (732) 842-4122

A Better Way Liquidators (Estate Sales) Lorraine 732-303-1327

Bob Cahn (Contractor): (732) 776-7941

Bruce Hoffer (Painter/Contractor): (732) 996-6858

Pete Jarvis (Oil Tank Removal): (732) 299-4583

Dean Marchetti (Electrician): (732) 663-0552

Matt Pelo (Plumber): (732) 988-1238

Brown's Heating & Cooling: (732) 741-0694

Turner Pest Control: (800) 427-3341


3) There are many costs associated with selling a property. Your attorney will know best but here is a list some of the things you should plan for:


Real Estate Commission (negotiable)

NJ Real Estate Transfer Tax

2% Withholding tax if moving out of state

Attorney fees

Certificate of Occupancy, Transfer of Title

Costs to repair if CO/TOT or Inspection Issues

Costs associated with paying off mortgages, liens etc.

Tax Implications


Here are some helpful links:

NJ Real Estate Transfer Tax Calculator

NJ Realty Transfer Fees

Flood Determination & Elevation Cert

Top Ten Things to Know About the 3.8% Tax


4) Once you find a buyer, you will need an attorney to review and draw up contracts on your behalf. I would suggest either Julie Politano Esq. 732-539-2933 or Andrew Krantz Esq. 732-747-3700. Please feel free to mention my name. I have used both over the last ten years and pretty much everyone has been happy. Again, no guarantees on my part and I am interested in your experience.


5) Don't forgets:

Schedule the locally required CO/Smoke/TOT inspections
Transfer the Utilities for the day of closing
Notify the Post Office
Plan for the actual move (almost always under estimated)



I can be reached at 908-433-9244 or dwright@remax.net.


If you decide to put your home on the market using my services, you can expect the following:

1) A detailed comprehensive customized marketing plan to meet your needs and goals.


2) Market analysis data starting with NJ as a whole and then focusing to your particular neighborhood. Included will be price trends, inventory trends, recent sales data and like property comparables. The more informed you are, the better our success at selling your property at or above market value.


3) Consistent feedback and communication to fit your style (phone, text, emails). I respond as soon as possible. I will not leave you hanging.